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'Only by solving impossible challenges can he study and truly understand how to reliably and consistently prove anything, that brings significant value to society, is possible!'

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Living the Impossible

Creative Humanitarian, Matt Silver-Vallance believes that only by solving impossible challenges can he study and truly understand how to reliably and consistently prove anything, that brings significant value to society, is possible.

Nelson Mandela’s famous words: ‘It always seems impossible, until it is done!’ serves as his personal mantra.  Over his 15 year career in the medical technologies industry, Matt has worked with some of the best minds on some of societies’ greatest healthcare challenges.  This has led to implementing ground-breaking initiatives, including the development of innovative training methods in cardiac, vascular and plastic surgery.  Matt also developed the vision for one of the world’s most revolutionary clinical studies (VIOLET), and built the strategy of how to form true partnerships between the private sector and Europe’s leading healthcare providers.  This commercial experience and his personal quests, such as the Robben Island Balloon Run and The Long Walk have enabled Matt to consider, observe and study what it takes to tip, what seems impossible, into implementation. It has also empowered Matt to define a visionary methodology that he applies to his own challenging projects and shares in order to encourage others to achieve high value goals and bring about positive change in their own lives.

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Matt’s Methodology
Throughout history, most human breakthroughs and transformations have come about when a number of different, but inter-related characteristics combine – namely, creativity, exceptional partnerships, the use of smart technology and the ability to effectively implement strategic plans.  This combination can be reliably used to transform the impossible into the possible in every sector of life, from the most personal to the most universal of goals.JDG 4620

The Relationship Between Success and Happiness
While these tools might be effective ingredients for ‘success’, Matt believes that they need to be set in a particular context to bring about actual happiness and satisfaction; because achievement on its own does not automatically translate into a sustainable sense of personal fulfilment and self-worth.  This context is critical to Matt’s methodology.  As social creatures, we experience the most happiness and satisfaction when it is clear to us, that who we are and what we do, offers tangible benefits to our society and natural environment.

Matt as an Inspirational Speaker
Matt is an international inspirational speaker who is renowned for implementing high value, seemingly ‘impossible’ projects.  His exploits are distinctly different from the typical physical challenges that set ‘extreme’ adventurers on the speaker circuit.    Instead, Matt conceptualises high value propositions that represent both physically and mental challenging projects that demand the complex combination of true creativity, effective teamwork and remarkable technology in order to achieve implementation.

General 2012-004Since the spectacular 2013 Robben Island Balloon Run, when he floated from Robben Island to Cape Town’s mainland, carried by 160 helium filled party balloons at the complete mercy of the wind (yes, like the movie UP), Matt has emerged on the international speaker circuit to share his fascinating personal journey and offer fresh perspectives on what it takes to achieve significant goals.

This first project was to raise just under £1,000,000 for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, a super tertiary paediatric referral centre that is currently under construction in Johannesburg.  This will represent just the second Children’s Hospital in Southern African, and was one of Nelson Mandela’s most precious dreams.  This extraordinary feat required that Matt gain permissions, both from Robben Island, a world heritage site, and the South African Civil Aviation Authorities to float directly towards one of Africa’s busiest airport, past a nuclear power station, above shark-infested waters, whilst trusting the wind to take him to his final destination!

Matt and his team are now preparing to implement another truly astonishing project; The Long Walk will be the longest-ever underwater walk (5 miles).   The route along the uncharted ocean floor from Robben Island to Cape Town’s Mainland presents the following unparalleled challenges: unknown obstacles; the risk of strong ocean currents; potentially dangerous wildlife; air supply; carbon dioxide toxicity; oxygen toxicity; decompression sickness and hypothermia.  In addition, because water is 800 times more viscous than air, the energy requirement to achieve this walk is equivalent to walking 4000 miles in 8 hours and will, therefore require specially designed Subwalker technology that incorporates the latest communication and life support technology.  This impossible quest’s focus, in the short term, is to continue to drive funds and grow awareness for paediatric care in sub-Saharan Africa; whilst, over the longer term it aims to raise awareness that investing wisely in our natural environment will benefit future generations. The Long Walk will not only set a record in the Guinness Book, but it represents the first step to develop technology that will provide for more comfortable and affordable, as well as safer underwater exploration.

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Matt’s Toolbox to Happiness and SuccessDSC02023
All the best leaders want a successful and happy organisation because they know these two characteristics are complimentary and co-dependant. Matt has developed a Toolbox to Happiness and Success which contains the following presentations that can be customized for your organisation:

  1. The Science of How to Achieve the Impossible
  2. The Value of Creativity and How to use it
  3. How Building True Partnerships Leads to Effective Teamwork
  4. How to use Technology to Improve Performance
  5. Understanding, Communicating and Implementing Value and Impact

Matt provokes thought, ignites creativity and inspires action.  His methodology to transform the impossible into implementation is tried and tested through his own personal and professional projects, and can be applied by others to achieve corporate and life goals. Matt will customise his presentation to suit your audience and communication objectives to ensure maximum impact at your next event.  Daring adventures are interwoven with the concepts of getting involved and giving back.  Rising to challenges by igniting the ‘Da Vinci’-style art of original thinking is blended with knowing how to effectively partner and practically deliver.

Whether you want to stimulate behaviour change in your organisation or entertain important guests; boost your team’s performance or encourage youth to find a better way, Matt expertly delivers the message in an exciting, relevant and creatively humanitarian way.

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