Projects Matt's involved in.

"To inspire through world changing & mind shifting adventures”

The Long Walk

Rendering 2Matt’s latest project is an epic underwater quest demanding specialised technologies that will enable four intrepid Subwalkers to literally walk almost eight kilometers along the uncharted seabed between Robben Island and mainland Cape Town. Adventurer and South Africa’s Chief Scout, Sibusiso Vilane and advanced tech-diver, Sarah T. Carter have both confirmed their places on the Subwalker team.  The goal of The Long Walk is to re-validate Nelson Mandela’s famous quote: “It always seems impossible, until it is done!” and to courageously inspire through world changing and seemingly mind-shifting adventures that will lead to a better future for our children.

Going Under to Raise Global Awareness

Air supply, water viscosity, carbon dioxide toxicity and unpredictable wildlife; these are just some of the challenges The Long Walk team are currently grappling with as they plan for four Subwalkers to trek across the ocean bed of Table Bay.  The project aims to further the fund-raising for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, as well as increase global awareness of the importance of the ocean environment for future generations.

The World’s Longest Underwater Walk

When Matt learnt that there is a narrow underwater bridge, known as a tombolo, along the ocean bed between Robben Island and mainland Cape Town that forms a 15 metre deep passage; he started to consider that something that seems completely impossible might, with the aid of futuristic technology and the collaborations of the world’s best ocean and diving engineers, become implementable.

The Long Walk project is bringing together an array of specialist partners to contribute the best of science and human ingenuity to work out how four adventurers, united by their shared aspiration to be assets to society, can walk for more than eight hours on the seabed between Robben Island and Cape Town.

Combining ‘Da Vinci’ style creative thinking, collaboration and remarkable technologies, the team is busy monitoring ocean currents; developing and testing the Subwalker vehicles; researching and formulating risk management plans.

Like the successful Robben Island Balloon Run, The Long Walk aims to raise awareness and funds in aid of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital.  It will also build awareness of the value of our ocean environment and the need to carefully manage this precious resource for the benefit of future generations.  Africa is home to the world’s largest percentage population of children under the age of fifteen years.  Yet, there are just four dedicated paediatric hospitals on the entire continent.  The Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, which is currently under construction in Johannesburg, will provide not just much-needed care, but will serve as a vital research, training and strategic planning institution.

As the project progresses; and new technologies are being developed and employed in unusual ways, it is also becoming apparent that this ground-breaking project will open new ways for exploring and protecting the marine environment.

Matt is an inspirational speaker who became one of the world’s few, successful cluster balloon aviators in 2013.  His latest project, The Long Walk, continues to demonstrate his proven methodology for transforming the impossible into implementation.