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Google Hangout: Robben Island Balloon Run Press Conference

Media Launch of the Robben Island Balloon Run was the first every Press Conference held in South Africa using Google Hangout Technology

 Press Launch of the Robben Island Balloon Run on the 29th of January, 2013. This event, in itself, was a first of its kind as it was a formal press launch to 37 members of the press at the Nelson Mandela Gateway held by using Google’s Hangout technology. This technology uses freely available software and broadband to provide video conferencing facilities from multiply locations around the globe. Google South Africa helped to facilitate and linked Matt (Rugby, UK), Mike Howard (Dubai, UAE), Shoni Khangala and Bob Skinstad (Cape Town, RSA) and the CEO of Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, Bongi Mkhabela (Johannesburg, RSA) all live and to explain why and how Matt was making this attempt.

Part of the reason that this event was required, was because many members of the press did not actually believe that it was possible and therefore thought it was a prank when the initial Robben Island Balloon Run press release was made!

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