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Inspirational Speaking

All leaders want a successful and happy organisation because all the best leaders know that these two characteristics are complimentary and co-dependant. Matt’s Toolbox to Happiness and Success contains the following presentations that can be customized for your organisation:

  • The Science of How to Achieve the Impossible
  • The Value of Creativity and How to use it
  • How Building True Partnerships Leads to Effective Teamwork
  • How to use Technology to Improve Performance
  • Understanding, Communicating and implementing Value and Impact

Matt has emerged on the global circuit as a speaker who offers fresh perspectives in sharing his fascinating professional and personal journey. He provokes thought, ignites creativity and inspires action. His methodology to transform the impossible into implementation is tried and tested through his own personal and professional projects, and can be applied by others to achieve corporate and life goals.

Please contact us to find out how Matt can inspire and thrill your target audience as he shares his unique insights and methodology for getting the most out of both professional and personal journeys!

Partnership and project management

In Matt’s 15 years in the Medical Technology industry, he has led initiatives to develop revolutionary training methods in cardiac, vascular and plastic surgery. He developed the vision and led the implementation of one of the world’s most revolutionary clinical studies, as well as built the strategy of how to form collaborations with the Europe’s leading healthcare providers. Today, Matt integrates his skills of communicating a vision and building effective teams into the science of conceptualising and implementing high value solutions.

If you need help to understand and overcome challenges within your organisation or project, contact us to find out how Matt can work with you and your team to implement the impossible!